Friday, March 28, 2014

Sneak Peak - Texturing Meshes and New Lighting types

Here's a sneak peak of some new features I've been working on.

1) Diffuse, Specular and Normal mapping for polygonal meshes

UV indices are parsed from the mesh file (in this case a .obj wavefront file) and stored for use during the rendering pass. When a point on a triangle is hit, barycentric interpolation is used based on the UV texture coordinates of the triangle's vertices to find the correct texture value to apply to that point. This technique can be used for texture, diffuse and normal mapping.

2) Spot lighting and Directional lighting

Below we can see two spot lights shining on Mario (with global illumination).  A spot-light is much like a point light except that it emits radiance within a cone (the solid angle and direction of which are set by the user). Any object outside of this cone of light receives no direct illumination.

And here's Mario and Luigi :-)

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